fuggin Malware Anti-Malware fugup

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  1. going to download a file, Avira AntiVir usually pops up a warning and 'OK', scans and
    removes 'it' as when playing an online game
    this time a Windows warning pops up ??? so is it a real Windows warning or not ?
    why no AntiVir ? shut the power to the computer off

    restart, Desktop comes up and 2 error msgs
    wanted a short scan time and used Malware Anti-Malware which found 22 items
    including 5 files - asycfilt.dll , comcat.dll , msvbvm60.dll , oleaut32.dll , olepro32.dll
    clicked 'Fix'

    click CrapCleaner - doesn't work
    want to see what the dlls are, click Internet Explorer - nothing - 'FOOK !'

    try chkdsk then sfc / scannow , still no CC no IE
    find a copy of IE 8 , deletes old version but of course can't connect to internet for up-
    dates. fooked
    stop IE 8 install, click IE icon and 'Hallelujah !' IE version 6 loads - and works
    replace asycfilt.dll , comcat.dll and ? oleaut32.dll , olepro32.dll ? but msvbvm60.dll is
    find and download VBRun60 which gives me the msvbvm60 dll - phew ! CC works and
    install IE 8 . download and install 'cumulative update' - all after 2 1/2 hours

    files were listed as 'C:\Program Files\asycfilt.dll (Spyware.OnlineGames)' etc located
    in the XP Pro Windows/System32 folder
    so AntiVir didn't delete the 'malware' as I thought it was supposed to be doing, and
    Malware must have corrupted the dll files when 'fixing' . . .

  2. Get rid of IE and run firefox and you won't have to deal with these kind of things.
  3. Or Chrome which allows you to disable all plugins - including Flash, Java, Acrobat etc. (but still allows you to override selectively on a "click to play" basis).

    If you disable these plugins by default in Chrome or Firefox, you will have vastly reduced your vulnerability to web-based exploits.
  4. I could not find a way to disable tooltips in Chrome. It's crazymaking when the tooltip is covering your work telling you what it's covering... Firefox is a very nice browser nowadays, not hard to get used to either...
  5. Yes IE is now functionally obsolete and too risky to run. IE has fallen from the top of the list of browsers by usage already.
  6. TGregg


    FWIW, I was thinking about installing Chrome (currently running IE and Firefox). Then I installed Adobe Flash on a new installation of . . . well . . . a new installation on a Windows 7 instance of Hyper-V. Very cool, BTW. But I digress. Once I tried to install Adobe Flash, it wanted to install Chrome and Google toolbar. They had a sneaky checkbox in the DL page to disable it - not in the usual software installation dialog box. Any software that tries to sneak onto my PC is probably (IMO) crapware that nobody would install on their own.

    Go with Firefox for most sites, and IE for very trustworthy ones that you need all the add-ons for. And Hyper-V for pr0n. :D
  7. Does Firefox allow you disable all plugins on web pages by default, but allow you to click-to-run individual ones on a web page later?

    I think not, unless they added this recently.

    Chrome does support this, and I think this is by far the best approach. It also kills all flash videos etc. (but you can still watch one on an exception basis by clicking). This makes web browsing faster.
  8. TGregg


    Dunno. I only allow a very limited few plugins in FF. As in, maybe one or two AIR. I use FF for most of my browsing, even EliteTrader. If I need a plugin, then either I use IE (and it better be a trusted site) or I skip it.

    There's a nice addon for FF called NoScripts that runs per site. Pretty handy, IMO.

    Or I hit it on my virtual PC on Hyper-V now. :)
  9. the problem wasn't to do with the browser but how Malware got rid of the virus/es
    apparently corrupting the dlls, unless that happened because of the virus
    the Malware 'fast scan' took about 5 minutes but an Avira scan would have taken 90
    minutes which was why I used Malware

    Flash isn't loaded but many sites pop-up 'install' which I often do without problems
    occurring. tried Firefox and didn't like it

    I was getting an Avira malware pop-up when I clicked on my local newspaper's site
    The Vancouver Sun; don't know if it was some sort of tracking cookie, some infec-
    tion on their site, or if I've become a target of whoever puts these malwares out, and
    I got a warning from on a page of a site I've used for a long time after this last attack

    have taken a break from those sites and maybe 'they' will forget about me