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  1. Have an account with about $550 in it. Will take it to over 1mil by Oct 1. Trade the 10yr unless noted, only others though will be the 30yr, corn and soybeans. Will post statements in the am, and will make live calls for the most part. Did something similar three out of five times.

    First trade long 133.040. Target 3 points, stop max 8 but would get out much sooner.
  2. How can you trade ZN overnight with $550 and take $3k in heat?
  3. nursebee


    How many weeks on your day job did you save up to get the starting funds?
  4. the same way as others 'trend followers' or 'swing traders' do...
  5. $750 or so initial margin. Obviously ZB is much higher, as are Beans, etc.