FU Jim Cramer

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  1. So I put a monster short in on CFC mid afternoon at 38.15. She starts dropping and is at 37.90. F'n Jim Cramer opens his fat mouth and says some b.s. about Merryl taking them over. CFC spikes up to my dismay.

    I cover at 38.24 and eat a small loss not wanting to take this into the next day. For all I know he talks about it on his stupid show tonight and it goes up in AH and opens higher. Did I make the right call?

    Btw, I really hate that guy especially when he affects my picks.
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    I hate that guy - he has screwed up many a trade of mine!!
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    I had almost the exact same experience. When CNBC came out with that teaser about a "financial stock", I thought, "naw, it can't have anythig to do with CFC". So I kept my short. :mad:
  4. You should have shorted twice as much after the pump.

    You were shook.
  5. Shit, should of kept the short like I still have with WM which is eating away at me.

    Yeah, I got shook. Looks a bit down in AH so probably opens lower. I hate myself right now.:mad:
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    on the bigger stocks, intraday (whenever that is in the 2-3 hour), cramer's pump is almost always a great time to reload a short.

    his pm picks have not been so great to fade - far less consistency than they used to be. i did catch DSL nicely (covered pre-market today) but that's the first time i've traded one of those in a while. i wont' watch the show, though, unless i can make (fading) money off it; tends to grate on me otherwise.
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    I wouldn't hate myself right now. You did the right thing.
    Had a good trade, going your way, intervention, trade now questionable.
    when in doubt get out
    You handled risk management perfect.
    you can always reshort, the experience is the price of a good dinner.
    If you were one of my traders I would be saying congradulations
    good exit.

  8. Move with the stock price/volume.

  9. If you're scalping for 20-30 cents, you have to expect to get stopped out every once in a while. Scalping uses higher share size with potentially more risk, so you have to use stops. Sometimes a stock will blow past your stop whether it's news or not. That's the name of the game. I've had shorts run on me for 1 dollar then come back below where I entered. You can be grateful that you stopped out so soon. what if you covered at .55 where it seems that move in cfc topped.
  10. One problem is this:

    You are much more likely to 'cover' at a bad price or a point where you would never have entered, when you are caught on the wrong side of a move.

    So you are actually trading BADLY when you think you are being circumspect and risk averse.

    Think about it before you reject the notion.
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