FTA Satellite TV recievers - wanna ditch your cable/sat bill?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pavlov0032, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Not sure if this has been posted here, but there FTA (free to air) satellite TV receivers selling all over the place ( a brick and mortar shop just opened in Long Beach CA).

    Apparently they take ALL channels from Dish Network (PPV,XXX also). they require a Dishnet. sat. dishes on your roof, and a setup procedure of choosing satellites, antennae settings and such.

    they have a USB port where you would upload (once in 3 weeks) new keys that you would download on a flash drive from sites such as www.totalfta.com or dsstester.com.

    look as totalfta.com for model info. They also have HD receivers.. In LA the whole thing from a dealer including 2 dish install and receiver setup os appx. $450, but there NO BILL afterwords.


    see more schematics here


    apparently its not illegal to sell or own them, its illegal to use them to view encrypted channels.
  2. You should mention that they also don't work right now, and probably won't for a couple of months due to a current smart card swap from Dishnetwork and Bell.
  3. they work fine right now , see totalfta.com page for the status. the only time it says "down" is when new fix coming out..

    You prob. don't own one to say that? :D :D :D
  4. briand


    And you're probably an idiot if you think that this is legal.
  5. WTF? read the first post genius! it says right there about legality of it.

    I dunno where people of your intellect and merit come from? A trailer park?

    why is that you feel its OK to call ppl you never met idiots? Misery loves company!