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  1. Bright Trading is interested in opening an office in the Fort Lauderdale area to accomodate traders from firms that have recently closed. If you are interested contact Mitch Weiss at 305-532-4848. You can also vist our office in Miami Beach.
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    Which firms have recently closed in Florida?
  3. there was an andover office in ft. Lauderdale recently that closed,
    and i am not sure but heard about one othe firm in downtown Ft Lauderdale.
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    i wish they would open one in orlando!
  5. We would love to open one in Orlando, but it doesn't seem that there are many traders left there. If there are, let me know....I am serious, we were approached last year by a group of traders there, but they have simply "gone away" it seems.

    Send a private message if you know of a group that is interested.
  6. How often does power outage happen in South Florida during hurricane season? How long does it last usually? How do you prepare for it?
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    We have an offfice open in Miami and Miami Beach for over 4 years without a power outage. We have power backup supply for 20 min to allow us to exit any positions.
  8. I work at a Prop firm in Downtown Miami. I recently went for a interview at a new office for Generic Trading.
    I must tell you , I was overly impressed with the software, hardware, location, manager and most of all the deal structure. The only downside was the geeky looking manager at the front desk.He had zero understanding of the business which could be construed as a negative.

    Marc lehman
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    Marc. We recently closed our Bright Trading office in Downtown Miami and opened a new office on the mall on Lincloln Rd Miami Beach. Im interest in Generics deal. Bright is very competitive, and I can assure you our managers are active traders that know what is going on. If you would like more info on us call Mitch Weiss at 305-532-4848
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    Van Buren Securities

    They had an office in Ft Lauderdale. They let most of the traders go. I don't know if the office still exists there.
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