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  1. thoughts, took an asswhooping today, is this headed for $80?
  2. They had stronger than expected earnings. I'm looking to buy this, as it might try to close its gap.

    checkout HUM too.
  3. Here is a nice 10 minute reversal, coulda just bought the index as well.
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  4. azzzy


    I was in it this morning. Got stopped out twice. Gave up. It just had a good run up and I was tempted to jump in but there are safer plays out there. Potential drops of $0.50 past the stop price just aren't my idea of a good strategy.
  5. azzzy


    My guess is it will close around $116-117 today, or even higher, and probably will move even higher tomorrow (depending on the price of oil). But it's just a guess - too risky for my taste.
  6. kipster


    im sure quite a few traders tried to pick a bottom in FSLR and got hurt.

    Falling knife strategy is so

    should test $100 level...
  7. bump. anyone long/ short?
  8. azzzy


    I only daytrade. But if I were to pick a long-term direction I'd say long. Solar stocks have been on fire lately. I guess if it goes south and breaks $175-174 level short would be more likely. But as long as it holds 175 I'm thinking long back to $207 level. Of course I'm by no means an expert. Do not listen to me.