Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sledged, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. sledged


    Have they adjusted their 09 forecasts at all? I havent been able to find any articles highlighting this. Im just seeing the other solar companies cutting forecasts (the latest coming this morning from Q-cells)


    yet FSLR has rallied from 80's to 130's in the last two and a half weeks, have to think they may cut forecasts as well here soon or at least lose some steam with the news coming out about their competitors. Anyone feel the same?
  2. NoDoji


    FSLR raised guidance significantly for 2009 at their earnings call end of October. They basically made a run up from 95 to almost 180 in 6 days, setting up the short opportunity of the year. My broker never has shares to short and I'm kicking myself for not buying puts.

    I'm not sure they can meet their raised guidance in the current economic environment. I also think there will be another round of institutional selling ahead. 150-155 is the next test of resistance and if the price stalls there it would be another solid short opp, IMHO.