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  1. plan


    I bot some FSLR at 298 and am swinging the name for a gap-up tomorrow.
  2. eagle


    Already attempted to break the $308.24, it will eventually try to break one more time, and if it does not succeed then prepare to get out.
  3. plan


    Yes, I already have stop set at 298 breakeven. I could take the profits now but I'm going to try to sacrifice the small gain for a big one. I think FSLR could easily go up 50 points....

    but if it reverses back to 298 I'm gone.
  4. stop wont save you if it gaps tommorow at 290 or it could gap even lower. And not only that but you left a position overnight which stops will not protect.

    I don't touch FSLR way to risky for my taste I like to make money not play craps or slots. If I want to do that I can go to vegas where the drinks are free and you can
    meet some milf and get laid in the process.
  5. plan


    No shit stop won't save me if it gaps down.

    This isn't exactly a Vegas bet piker, look at the chart.
  6. I'm in SOLF and CSIQ (nice gain today) but I agree, I think FSLR has at least $100 to go in the next few months. Good company, making money, and good growth.

    Solar is definitely the place to be in.

  7. Chart tells me its gonna gap down.
  8. From a quick look of the weekly charts, I think it's more likely a breakout is about to happen than a gapdown.

    I guess we'll see.
  9. Well My coin flip indicates gap down it came up tails. So lets see.
  10. The stock is definitely at a potential breakout point. Looks like a good bet to me.
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