FSLR earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by alientrader, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. earnings after hours today, anyone liquidating first and buying it back later? contemplating taking in half...hmmmm
  2. not such a great buy

    the downside is 10% so you would have to be able to tollerate that kind of risk
  3. alright man i got out fo this thing wait for earnings maybe buy back lower
  4. oops FSLR mega beat damn oh well buy it back
  5. Fucking amazing. I've been a pussy all year to buy that.
  6. wake37


    me also, jaso... looks nice thoe
  7. okay, this is getting sick to watch. Wonder how many people bet against it and getting margin calls right now.

    Just hit $200
  8. hey, price to sales is only 52. P/e 188.
    PetroChina is ~ trillion dollar market cap, just think how cheap this is in comparison.

    Screaming buy:D
  9. Longs have to be cumming in their pants watching this.
  10. gobar


    this stock is on fire...

    spwr, stp are good play 2morow...
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