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  1. What is the market like for tick data?

    I have clean (scrubbed) and raw tick data for 3k stocks for 3 years (and building).

    It is far superior to anything you can buy historical for cheap. I'm 50/50 as to whether or not I even want to part with the data.

    What is the market for something like this?

  2. In what ways is it superior to what can be bought in? I
    understand why you might undercut your competition on
    price, but why is your data superior?
  3. bespoke


    how much are you asking? and can you give us a sample of the data. which datafeed did you collect it from?
  4. Its in an access database format so you can easily convert it into whatever format you want.

    I have data from various vendors - my data isn't any better than anyone elses data - its just that mine is complete. Most people's data does not include L2 info or sub-second info so the data I have is complete and accurate versus someone trying to sell 100ms snapshot data with just bid/offer/print.

    PM me and I'll be happy to send you more details and a sample.
  5. jharmon


    Are you legally allowed to sell the data?

    What is the source?
  6. Yes I'm allowed to sell/distribute the data. If you are interested, send me a PM and I'll be happy to send you more details.

    At this point it does not seem like there is much interest, which was the purpose of this feeler thread.
  7. I am interested.

    Please post the price and maybe also post a few days of
    access format data as a sample. If the sample file is too
    large to post here, put it up on an FTP server.

    After the initial sale, you could also offer a monthly or
    even EOD update service.