FS: Server RAM (ECC) 1gb sticks of ddr3

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  1. I've been doing upgrades here & there and I want to get rid of my pile of 1GB DDR3 sticks.

    I've got:

    6x sticks of 1GB-1Rx8-PC3-10600E-09-10-D0 (Samsung)

    4x sticks of 1GB-1Rx8-PC3-10600E-09-10-D0 (Hynix)


    3x sticks of 1GB-1Rx8-PC3-8500E-07-10-D0 (Samsung)

    2x sticks of 1GB-1Rx8-PC3-8500E-07-10-DP (Elpida)

    3x sticks of 1GB-1Rx8-PC3-8500E-07-10-D0 (Hynix)

    Up top is 10600 speed and below the "++++" is 8500 speed. All sticks are ECC memory and all sticks are in good working order. These do not have heat sinks on them - nor do they need it.

    $5 per stick, shipped USPS.

    If you have questions as to whether or not this will match or work in your system I'm happy to give it a shot - rule of thumb is this is server RAM and if you are buying this type of RAM you should know if you have ECC only or Fully Buffered (FB) RAM. This ram WILL NOT WORK in a normal desktop. Does work in HP and Dell workstations however.
  2. Mrb123


    Do you still have and are willing to sell the Samsung "samsung 1gb 1rx8 pc3-8500e-07-10-d0" ram sticks?
  3. For potential buyers... you can use one or the other but not mix ECC and NECC sticks.

    And if you don't have a Dell or HP workstation, you might check your mobo specs to see if it will work with ECC.