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  1. Five fully functional G450 PCI Quad cards - (dual LFH-60 connectors).

    $300 + shipping, will ship international, or local pickup is fine in NYC.

    Remember if you are international and you want it shipped insured you must deal with the VAT in the amount of the insurance declaration or ship with a declared value of $0.

    I will include more than 10 LFH-60 to DVI-I connector cables and 4 or 5 LFH-60 to VGA cables. Also will be happy to include a pile of DVI-I to VGA converters. If you need firm numbers on exactly how many cables I have just send me a PM and I'll pull out all the stuff, snap a picture and email the details. Its 5 cards with more than 10 DVI cables and plenty of VGA adapters as well as a few VGA cables.


    Drivers are available for download from the Matrox site, I can point you to the name/version you'll need for XP 32 or 64 and W7 32 or 64. I have never run these on a Vista box so those drivers would be up to you.

    Full lot only. Completed listings on ebay show many sales higher than $60/card with cables & adapters.

    PayPal or cash for local pickup.
  2. Wife getting on you again to "clean stuff out"?
  3. LOL moving June1... yeah bigtime :)

    I've also been upgrading most of my video cards so best to sell rather than let them collect dust.
  4. I have six cards now. same price for a lot of 6 cards with two extra DVI cables.
  5. Hey Winston,
    I don't need 6 but I'd like to have a card or two spare around. Let me know if you would do individuals.
  6. FWIW... The G450, PCI quad is slow but adequate for trading.... that is "slow" compared to other graphics cards, but not "too slow" for trading. The PCI bus runs 100-130 MB/s bandwidth... but data stream unlikely to exceed 100 KB/s.) Not 100% sure they will work on budget mobos... not sure about W7 compatibility. (Matrox support does not indicate driver for W7, but may work with Vista driver even though not stated.)

    IOW.... if you're running XP on a budget machine, there's a good chance this card will run 4-monitors from a PCI slot in a trading application... without any degradation of performance. (Should inquire as to whether the card natively supports your monitor resolution, however.)
  7. This is actually a PERFECT card for someone running XPx86 (32-bit XP) because it only has 128mb of onboard memory. Since 32-bit XP can only address 3.2GB of RAM, if you were to run an onboard video card with 1GB onboard RAM that would supercede the system RAM - hard to explain but pretty much a 1GB video card on an XP 32-bit system limits you to 2.2GB available RAM for the system.

    Yes they are old, yes they are a bit slow compared to today's standards... but they are cheap and you get a whole box of them for not much cash.
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    :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Not true at all
    Graphic card memory has nothing to do with system ram
    Btw i am not sure those are windows 7 compatible
    I had a g450( single out) and could not find drivers for W7
  9. Thanks for bumping my thread. Yes they are W7 (32 & 64) compatable. There are drivers for XPx64, Server 2003 (32 & 64) and Server 2008 (32 & 64) that all work perfectly fine with W7 (32 & 64).

    xddm64_209_03_015_se_u <<< that is the filename you need for W7x64.


    Notes and known issues:
    - A Microsoft hotfix (KB980731) is required for Windows 7 support
    - To view the release notes and installation instructions for this driver, please click here

    ^^^ From Matrox website at the link I provided. Seems like you just haven't done your homework or don't understand why there was an issue with these cards and W7.

    Not sure what you are talking about with video card memory not having anything to do with system memory - a 32 bit operating system can only address 3.2gb of RAM. If you have 4.0GB onboard and a 1.0GB video card with a 32-bit operating system you can only address 3.2GB and the video card RAM will supercede the onboard RAM in the memory DIMMs. You would be reduced to 2.2gb usable memory in this situation.

    This is true on Dell and HP - I dont' have experience with custom build machines but the concept is the same. Regardless of what you think, 6 cards for $300 is a pretty good deal.
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    Once again ,not true , 32 bit operating system can address only 3.2 Gb of SYSTEM ram ,but
    graphic card memory has nothing to do with that 3.2 GB limitation.
    If you still insist that i`m wrong please include some article that says otherwise.
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