FS: Intel Pentium-4 SL9CB @ 3.0ghz

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by WinstonTJ, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. This was running a router + firewall combo for three years (pfSense) and I've finally gotten around to virtualizing everything.

    This is a single-core CPU with hyperthreadding so shows up as 2-cores in task manager.


    This thing is old - I have no idea why anyone would want it but they seem to go on eBay all the time so I thought to offer it here first.

    eBay prices range from $5+ship to $15 shipped.

    $10 shipped.

    NYC pickup is fine - buy me a beer somewhere and I'll give you the CPU :)

    PayPal or Cash
  2. You keep selling items for beers and you are going to have one helluva party night out :)
    Unfortunately it will be an evening spent with ET members ... hahaha
  3. HAHA... some ET guys aren't that bad you know... I've met quite a few really nice people on here over the years.
  4. Just kidding... lol . I do agree with you about the members. I have met a decent amount of traders at the NYC expo from EliteTrader and they are really good people.
    All the best on selling the items today.