FS/FT: Trend Trading To Win w/Michael Parness & Profinacci Course ->

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  1. Hi, Guys

    Have the following two courses available that I no longer need. Would like to pass these along to other students. Looking to sell but, willing to trade for other training cd/dvd on e-mini/SP 500 ,etc.


    Profinacci Course [Everything in good condition, box has a small rip in the top corner]
    Asking Price: $110.00 plus shipping within the U.S.
    Includes Box, 4 CD Set with booklet

    Trend Trading To Win w/ Michael Parness VHS Course [Very good condition]
    Asking Price:$45.00 plus shipping within the U.S.
    : Included 6 Tape set , 2 cd's, manual & documentation
    Bonus: include the following 2 VHS Tapes:
    1. Trends are your Friends, 2. IRA Trading Your Way To A Comfortable Retirement.

    If you would like to order or have questions please send me a pm.
    Thank you for looking,