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  1. I have 5 of these things and the wife wants a "reading nook" vs. a corner of the apartment stacked with mini-fridge sized PCs.

    I will be selling two machines that come out of warranty within 90-days.

    They are currently configured each with dual Xeon x5460 (quad-core 3.16ghz) CPUs, 16GB DDR2 ECC RAM and WD Raptor 10K RPM 80GB HDD in RAID0+1 (160gb hdd space) or WD Raptor 36GB 10K RPM HDD in RAID0+1 . Windows 7 Professional + Office 2007 optional - each came from Dell with Vista Business 32/64 or XP Pro. Machines will come with COA sticker and reinstall media - if you want W7x64 Pro that will be a one-time fresh install. I'm happy to give you the ISO of the media however the COA key is mine (MSFT volume license single key so I can't give out) - the RAID should prevent the OS loss and need to reinstall in the future + WD has a great (free) HDD image software you can use to backup the fresh install of an OS.

    I also have two others that are 4GB RAM and only single CPU but they are the X5482 (3.2ghz quad core) CPU which is faster.

    Local pickup in NYC would be ideal but I'm willing to ship. I know what I can get for them in parts value ($200 mobo, $400 CPUs, $100 RAM, $100 HDD and probably another $200 in misc parts (chassis + fans + cables, etc.). Will not let them go for less than I can part them out for.

    Depending on what CPU config + OS & software + video cards I'm looking for between $1k-$1,500 per machine.

    Dell has replaced the motherboards with NEW OEM motherboard as warranty replacement on each of the machines I'm selling. The motherboards were replaced with NEW parts, not used/refurb and this was within the last 6 months so essentially brand new motherboards on both machines.

    If you want them as-is please let me know. If not I'm going to put a single X5450 (3.0ghz quad) CPU in them + 4GB RAM and throw them up on eBay.
  2. Will be listing the first two Dell T7400's on eBay tomorrow morning.

    Willing to sell on ET today at a decent discount to eBay listing.

    #1 - $1,000 shipped or local pickup/dropoff in NYC is welcome

    T7400 #1
    - 2x BRAND NEW 80GB Seagate 7200rpm HDD (your choice RAID 1 or 0)
    - Windows 7 64-bit Professional (comes with XP media + XP Pro COA for XP 32/64)
    - 4GB ddr2 RAM (4x 1GB sticks)
    - ONE Xeon x5482 3.2ghz quad core CPU (machine can accept second CPU, I will include the 2nd heatsink ($40 value))
    - 2x NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT Video cards (DVI, this is quad monitor capable out of the box)
    - Office Professional 2007
    - Intel Pro 1000 MT dual-port server/enterprise grade NIC (wake on LAN capable)
    - CD/DVD RW drive
    - NEW NOT USED Dell Keyboard + Optical Mouse

    Suite of other software:
    - SnagIT screen capture software ($45 value)
    - Roxio CD/DVD burner software ($100 value)
    - Power DVD (DVD/Movie player) (Free from Dell)
    - VNC Enterprise 4.6 ($50 value)

    T7400 #2: $400 + shipping (will be happy to drop off locally)
    Dell T7400 with no CPU, RAM, HDD. This is a LEGIT "barebones" meaning its not stripped out of all the little things that add up like HDD caddys, covers, heatsinks, wires, etc.

    Both of these have 1000W (the famous "Dell KW") power supply.

    These are "optioned out" ENTERPRISE machines - they have 4x hdd bays with 4x additional 5.25" bays, 4x SATA ports controlled by onboard/integrated RAID controller, total of 7x SATA ports + IDE. 3x PCI-X (64-bit PCI) slots, one PCI slot, 2x PCIe x16 slots and one PCIe x8 slot. Chassis intrusion switch, internal speaker/audio, integrated 1394 "firewire" ports, etc.
  3. You're lucky. Wife made me buy a new house to contain all of my computer crap. :D
  4. I just bought a 25U server rack for my apartment because the workstations were getting out of control. Its a noise reduction enclosure so its actually pretty quiet. Does not sound like a server cabinet at all. I pretty much pulled all the CPUs/RAM/HDD and migrated everything over to rack-mount.

    Before it used to look like an eBay/Dell warehouse... now when we have people over the wife tries to pass it off as a wine rack.

    ( http://www.xrackpro.com/XRackPro2-25U-Noise-Reduction-Server-Rack-p/xr-nre2-25u-us.htm )

    ^^ got it on craigslist for $750 brand-new

    BTW - I sent you a package twice a few months ago and it was returned to me... How's the new house?
  5. nitro


    I used to go this route, but ever since I discoverd AMZN cloud,


    I don't bother with keeping clusters anymore. I do have a single machine that is sort of beefy for some "strange" computing projects that I am doing, but otherwise it is Amazon.
  6. I use Amazon Cloud and I love it however a W7x64 instance with 8-24 cores @ 3.2ghz and 16-36GB RAM is pretty expensive - plus its impossible with certain things (like Bloomberg) unless you paid for it 24/7.

    I'm going to miss these machines. They were the first real money I spent with trading P&L. They were expensive at the time but worth every penny.

    For $2k one of these things "built" is still a very good price IMO. 10kRPM HDD + 16GB RAM + W7x64 running on dual x5460 CPUs and decent video cards is an awesome combo. You could run a small prop firm or hedge fund on one of these things...
  7. .

    Whoa! I never got any package.

    I'll send you my email address again...

    Here's a pic of the new digs... in Mayberry, Colorado. Interestingly, this house has only 3 more rooms than our old one... they're just lots bigger. Old house was 2,400 sq. ft... this one, almost 7,200. The builder built it for himself as a party house... he done good. :>)

    Fenced off 3/4 acre for the dogs' back yard... they're loving it, of course.
  8. Nice house! (wife & I share a 550-600 square foot apartment in NYC)

    The Barebones system sold, selling one more barebones and then the "built" system and that's it - the rest will go on ebay over time.

    Any more takers?
  9. 600sq feet.... damnnnnn sounds like my apt in Tokyo ( i am pretty sure mine was even smaller).

    Now my dog house is bigger I think, plus spike has in floor heat....

    At least the bar near you is full of women from what I have heard...
  10. Update:

    I just sold the same exact thing as below for $2,750 - with DS100 QUAD stand + 4x monitors + 2x video cards but WITHOUT keyboard.

    This is what $2,250 +shipping gets you:

    1x Dell T7400 Precision Workstation with dual-monitor setup, Dell mouse + Bloomberg keyboard configured as follows:

    Ergotron dual stand DS100 (new style, stamped brackets)
    2x EIZO 19" monitors (with new in plastic DVI, VGA & power cables)
    ONE GeForce 9500GT video card - not two as shown (but I will warranty the included card for 6-months)
    4x 80GB Western Digital Raptor 10k RPM HDD in RAID 10 or 5 (your choice, ~240gb in 5 but slower, ~160gb in 10 but faster - I will warranty HDD for 1 year)
    2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD in RAID1 (mirror, again warranty HDD serial # 1year)
    Take a good look - that's what 16GB of Fully Buffered DDR2 Server RAM looks like and its included
    2x Xeon 5460 3.16 ghz quad-core (SLANP as shown)
    Windows 7 Professional 32/64 OEM - I bought a 3-pack, that key has never been activated and its all yours. If you want W7-32 I'll include the ISO on DVD
    Office 2007 Professional - full install + reinstall/repair media (comes fully installed and activated but I keep key)
    SnagIT screen capture software (no key but reinstall media included)
    VNC 4.6 ENTERPRISE (no key, media included)
    Roxio CD/DVD suite (key tied to machine - all yours)

    ***27 days left on DELL FACTORY WARRANTY!!***

    Those two funny looking squares on the left above the HDDs is an Intel Pro 1000 MT dual-port gigabit 64-bit PCI-X network card. It is Intel's "MT" (not GT) server/enterprise grade hardware and will be plugged into this machine when you take delivery of it. (that card is my test card with no bracket (so I can put into high/low profile machines). You will get a BRAND NEW card (even in the Intel box if you want). That NIC uses less system resources than the onboard/motherboard NIC, supports WOL and I have run them at 1000mbps for days with no issues.

    Vista Business 32-bit COA (came with machine + XP 32/64 downgrade - have at it if you want to torture yourself with those operating systems (you can have the CDs/DVDs)
    Office 2003 Professional - also came with the thing, never been activated, tied to the machine - good luck 2007 is a million times better
    Legally I'm supposed to sell the COA certificate with the OEM HDD so you can also have the crappy, old 320GB HDD that came with the machine - with the OEM Dell image on it - has never been turned on - I litterally pulled the HDD before I even plugged the machine in. All yours and your choice - HDDs are heavy to ship.


    I will include a brand new Dell workstation keyboard + mouse (in plastic, etc.) OR if you would like, I can substitute the Dell keyboard for the last model (longer speakers on side) Bloomberg keyboard similar, but not the one shown in the picture.

    What you don't get:

    + two video cards - sorry 2x monitors = need for only 2x DVI
    + ports so one video card for this price
    + plants and peripherals in photo belong to my wife - if you want to fight her for them then good luck
    + Merrill Lynch Bull hiding in plant is mine - don't even think about it
    + Little turtle in left plant was a gift from my mom in middle school - if you want to break her heart and pay me $2,250 its all yours
    + That Bloomberg mouse pad is kindof annoying but my wife likes it - put up a good argument and I'll consider including it
    + That Cisco wireless access point is attached to my router - but they are only $20 - if you have a hard-on over it I can throw it in (its only wireless G and PCI)
    + I guess you can have my NYSE podium picture if you want - or, I *MAY* be able to get the buyer of this machine up there for a solo after-hours picture of your own
    + the Bloomberg keyboard in the photo is not for sale - unless you want to pay me the $550-$600 Bloomberg will charge me if it is not returned (you get the older model with fingerprint reader on the upper-right but keep quiet about it - they really don't like people selling them)

    What also isn't included:
    I was too lazy to cut out the crap on the right. For an additional $7,500 I'll throw in 32GB of FB DDR2, 48GB of DDR3 ECC (4GB sticks), 3-PAIR of Xeon w5580 CPUs and 3-PAIR of Xeon x5492 CPUs.

    Here it is:



    Goes in these (old apartment but machine on left is the one i'm selling):

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