FS: Dell Precision 690 Workstation

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    Selling a Dell Precision 690 workstation. Can configure to order or you can take it "as is".

    Current specs:
    RAID1 (mirror) with 2x 10kRPM 80GB HDD
    6GB DDR2 RAM (ECC)
    2x Xeon X5150 2.66GHx dual-core CPUs (four cores total)
    CD/DVD RW/Burner
    Office 2007 Professional
    SnagIT Screen Capture Software
    XFX brand NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT dual video card

    I have a ton of hardware so you can opt for pretty much any configuration:

    HDD/RAID: 0, 1, 0+1(or 10), 5 - I have 250, 320, 500GB 7200RPM hdd and I have 80 & 160gb 10kRPM hdd - the machine has capacity for 4HDD and has 4 additional 5.25" bays that can hold HDD or whatever you want.

    OS: W7 Professional 32/64, XP Professional 32/64, Vista Business 32

    Office 2007 Professional (full install)

    Have various video cards but this motherboard only has limited PCIe slots. Can easily run a quad or hex (6) monitor setup.

    Located in NYC - Willing to deliver within reason but shipping these things is a royal pain so unless you want to pay a $100 premium over selling cost please don't ask about shipping.

    Have tried to sell this thing previously with no luck. Many people interested but in the end it never happens. Its not a bad trading computer - they are just giant/massive/huge and at this point they are getting a bit old.

    I'd like to get $500 "as is" but I'm willing to negotiate as well as configure something "custom" for a buyer. If you are local I'll give you a 6-month parts warranty on things like fans, cpu, motherboard, etc. If it breaks I'll replace it.
  2. Also have Windows Server 2003 32 & 64 (5CAL) This machine used to be a server for a 25-50 person office and I moved it over to be my personal "internet" box about a year ago. I have moved to cloud for most of my personal stuff so this needs to go.
  3. willing to ship if you pay shipping and willing to reduce price down to the price of the CPU + RAM + motherboard. if this doesn't go i'm going to part it out, throw most of it away and sell the rest on ebay.
  4. SOLD