FS: Dell Precision 690 Dual-CPU, W7x64

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  1. selling a dell precision 690 dual xeon x5140 with 6GB ddr2 RAM and Matrox G450 Quad card (or can substitute NVS290).

    Windows 7 professional, 64-bit OS

    Office 2007 Professional

    Also have XP64 or XP-32 media that you can downgrade to if you so desire.

    Machine has two dual-core CPUs so it is essentially a single quad-core without hyper threadding. It has two 80GB HDD in a mirror for a boot drive. Machine comes with a 3rd 80GB HDD as a spare. I have tons of HDD so I can add more capacity but HDD are cheap so that may be best for the buyer to do.

    I am in NYC, do yourself a favor and lookup shipping prices. This thing is big, heavy and you can't insure it without the proper OEM packaging (which I don't have) or unless you pay FedEx/UPS to pack which is expensive. Figure $100 to ship insured, maybe more depending on where you are. Located in 10006 zip code.


    Its the bigger one - this is a full-sized workstation tower. It may not fit under some desks and it is very heavy.

    I am no longer using this and I have to pay electricity so it sits idle and collects dust. $350 picked up in NYC (wall st. area) and its yours.
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    Is this a typical "loud" Dimension machine?
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    sorry, meant precision. I ask because I have a 670 and it is one hell of a noisy beast.
  4. Its not as loud as many other machines.

    You probably have a memory cooling fan issue or perhaps your chassis intrusion switch is having issues and the machine thinks the case is open.

    This is just a normal, properly functioning dell.
  5. I got your private message but the forum says you choose not to receive PMs back. Dell is available - but you need to give me some type of contact info.