FS: Dell Precision 690 - Dual CPU Box

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  1. I have a P690 for sale and I'm putting out a feeler here before I throw it up on Ebay.

    I have an assortment of Xeon CPUs (5140, 5150 & 5160) as well as an assortment of HDD and RAM configurations. I can sell this as anything from a completely barebones machine (no CPUs, RAM or HDD) to something built with 2x 3.0ghz 5160 CPUs, ample HDD space in RAID (SATA OR SCSI RAID0,10 or 5).

    I have Matrox and NVIDIA video cards - PCI or PCI-e, and can configure the machine for as little as two monitors and at most 8 monitors.

    If anyone is interested please reply or send me a PM. If the box is sold built it'll have W7x64 and Office 2007 on it. I also have lots of other software (that came with these PCs from Dell) such as Adobe, Roxio, etc.

    Price is pretty flexible, Ebay has these things as selling anywhere from $350 (barebones) up to $2k all up with two monitors included. FYI: The warranty is good through December 2010 with Dell however Dell just replaced the PSU and Motherboard on this in February 2010 so they are essentially brand new parts (or only lightly used for 4 months until my T7400's arrived.

    EDIT: the CPUs are dual core so the box has two dua-core cpus. Also, willing to let go reasonably cheap to someone on ET, if I don't hear from someone by mid-week (the 18th or 19th) I'll list on Ebay. I can also put XPx64 (or 32-bit XP) and can put Office 2003 on it. Your choice.
  2. Do you have a SLAC4 X5355's laying around?
  3. I just sold the pair I had to a friend, sorry.

    Current system config:

    W7x64 (comes with CD + the single use reinstall code)
    Office 2007 Professional, Full install
    MSFT Security Essentials installed also
    OS is on 2x Western Digital 40gb HDD in RAID0 (striped)
    Additional WD 10krpm 320gb hdd for storage
    2x Xeon X5140 2.33ghz CPUs
    2GB RAM

    The drives were fully formated and this is a clean install. I have not used the machine except to install MSFT Sec Essentials + do Windows Updates.

    If anyone is interested please make me an offer, if not it goes up on Ebay tomorrow. I'll sell it at a very fair price to someone on ET.
  4. That is too bad. That friend must have been happy to get a good deal on them.

  5. You the ETer with the dual W5590 Box?
  6. 2x W5580 - it is an awesome simulation/backtest box. would be a waste as an execution box - those are all e8400's & q9650's