FS: CPUs CPUs (X5450-SLASB & X5482-SLANZ) Plus 3x E8400 Intel

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  1. Selling two xeon CPUs, these are individual not a pair. Two completely seperate CPUs that will not run together, etc.

    X5450 is a quad-core, non-hyperthreadding 3.0ghz cpu. It is a SLASB run so if you want to pair it with a second (or build a quad-socket machine) you will need other SLASB CPUs to pair this with.

    Ebay completed listings are all over the place but generally range from $150-$250... Make me a reasonable offer and its yours.

    X5482 is a quad-core, non-hyperthreadding 3.2ghz CPU. It is a SLANZ run so if you want to pair this with another X5482 they will both need to be SLANZ production.

    Ebay completed listings on X5482 are all over the place but generally stay around $200. I'm not looking to get $200 - make me a reasonable offer and its yours. Shipping is from NYC or local pickup.

    I have three E8400 (dual core, non-ht, 3.0ghz) CPUs as well for sale. Ebay completed listings for these things are around $100 each - to me they are worth less, make reasonable offer and they are yours - I'll sell individually as well.

    These are all out of Dell machines therefore they have never been overclocked. These things all have serial numbers on them I'll give you a full refund if DOA or if you have any issues within 3 months. If you overclock that's your problem.
  2. FWIW... I checked eBay and there are LOTS of Precision T5400s for sale. One seller has 10 of them for about $285, shipping included.

    A trader looking for a spiffy machine for not too much money could get one of these and one of the X54xx CPUs above.. add a little memory... and for about $600 have a high quality trading machine.

    The $285 machines have CPUs, but not much in the way of performance.... enough for a trading rig, but you might want to spice up the speed..

    Good luck.
  3. The X5482 and two e8400 are gone.

    One Xeon X5450 (SLASB) and one e8400 left.