FS: Cat5e & Cat6 Cables - CUSTOM LENGTHS

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by WinstonTJ, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. I have a few spools of Cat5e & Cat6 leftover from some projects, wife wants it gone ASAP.

    Willing to make up any number of custom Cat5e/6 cables and certify them (yes I have the tools).

    I'll pretty much do it at cost for the materials cost + shipping. I don't know that I can compete with some of the bulk pricing at MonoPrice however I can get close and it will be custom length, certified cable. I have grey & black Cat5e, purple, yellow, orange and dark blue for Cat6.
  2. Ooooh... sounds like a truly thankless endeavor.
  3. I feel bad throwing it out - but wife insists that its gone ASAP...
  4. Pekelo


    Nice offer, but if nobody takes you up on it, just put an add in the local free paper or Craigslist. I hate to throw away good stuff too.

    It is hard to beat the price online though. I wired every room and 60 feet wire was like $10 or so
  5. No. THat was 10 USD per 60 feet PLUS THE WORK PLUS THE END PARTS PLUS THE CERTIFICATION. The cable is cheap.... actuall the certification is great value in itself for anyone trying to take the stuff to the limit (i.e. more than 1gbit low load).

    VERY nice offer.
  6. Most people don't care about that - certified cat5 is no biggie but certified cat6 can get expensive, especially in custom lengths, etc.
  7. Update... cable is gone, in the garbage... offer no longer valid.
  8. Grrr that SUCKS when that happens.

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