FS: 6TB Data/File Server (total 3 for sale)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by WinstonTJ, May 4, 2012.

  1. Dell Precision 690 chassis with 8GB RAM and 3.0ghz Xeon x5060 CPU.

    Three exact matching machines up for sale, each of the three are able to be upgraded before delivery.

    Client needs $1,450 shipped/delivered. ($1,400 + $50 shipping)

    I make $100 per machine on this as they are paying me $100/machine to security wipe the HDD's and format and reinstall the OS.

    Can be configured any way you want (for example if you want to upgrade to one raid array vs. two 3tb arrays, etc.)

    Here are the numbers for initial cost/build price or if you were to build this yourself today (based on used/ebay parts prices):

    $450 - Chassis - Dell Precision 690 Chassis plus upgrades to 8GB ram, video card and Intel Pro 1000 Server Grade NICs.
    $100 - RAID cards (Adaptec 2610SA)
    $650 - HDDs (8x 1TB HDD @ ~$80 each)
    $120 - 2x 60gb SSD
    $700 - Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise

    $450 + $100 + $650 + $120 + $700 = $2,020

    Asking $1,450 shipped/deliverd or $1,400 local pickup in NYC (Wall Street I'm not getting on the subway with these things).

    This is two 3TB RAID5 arrays using software RAID to JBOD the volumes. It's been solid and reliable - we've only lost two disks out of the three machines and been able to rebuild without any data loss.

    For the price and for what it is it's a great deal - but this is NOT a backtest engine it's a robust file server that will allow you to quickly deliver data to your optimization engines by binding the ports on the NIC and getting 2-4GB/sec of bandwidth.

    PM me if you have questions. Great deal - goes on eBay next week need to move these things ASAP.

    I'm willing to upgrade these things as well as sell the bare chassis (everything minus the RAID cards, HDD and/or OS) if you want to buy your own RAID cards & HDD and DIY.