Frustration release thread (includes a foul word or two)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by musclemoney, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Damn it, damn it, son of a bitch!!!!

    (Yes, I'm long the markets...:( )

    Down a little over $45,000 and it's 2:00 pm Eastern:eek: :(
  2. Klamath


    Can anyone join in?
  3. Feel free to post your frustrations here as well. Those of you who are short, congrats!:)

    Those of us who are long, can add colorful language right here. Here's some more:

    0700- Looked at data- SHIT!!!!!

    0800- Started making calls to some other money managers I know- HOLY SHIT!!!!!

    1000- FUCK!!!!!!

    1400 (2:00 pm Eastern) - FUCK ME RUNNING!!!!

    I don't drink anymore, but IF I decide to add to BUD's earnings, I'll post those results tonight.:D (If I didn't have a sense of humor, this job and I would have parted long ago.)
  4. Yes, feel free. If I didn't have a sense of humor, I'd be in a straight jacket at this point.
  5. figlio di puttana!!!

    Italian for Son of a bitch!!!!!