Frustrating Day....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bbraunstein, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. topmo


    Gad to see someone out there was ready!!!

    BTW.........maybe we're in for a gigantic double bottom!:D
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  2. topmo


    glad........I say KISS !!!

    Use the trin and tick together!!!

    Don't trade till you see the money lying on the floor in the corner!

    Get into your sniper mode!!! ARGH!!!!!
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  3. bigscalper

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    The market does what it does, don't complain, just trade it if you dare. If you can't make money while being wrong half the time then spend more money on education.
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    man, thats great information- could you tell me what you use for your news sources? if there are any great sites you would recommend? btw, enjoy reading your posts- hope ya are enjoying the beaches and babes in FL- wonder if you're a buc's fan being from FL?? take it easy :cool:
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  5. Barron's reported last Saturday that there was yet another net outflow from US equities for the week ended Wednesday - data supplied from AMG data services. This is a tapering off of fund outflows relative to previous weeks but none the less an outflow. Some other talking head in same said publcation pointed out that cash levels of mutual funds are below 5%, i.e. very low and especially so in light of the large scale redemptions. On the other hand, a hedgie, quoted in the editorial points out that there is a pile of hedge fund money short here ready to cover still and, when they decide to get net long....
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