Frustrating Day....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bbraunstein, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. What was that bullshit that happened at the close today?

    Someone is keeping this market propped up.....ticks jumping around like a mexican jumping bean.

    Gotta be the PPT if you ask me....
  2. oh yeah man... totally manipulated.

    what's wrong? your predictions of market doomsday not coming into fruition?
  3. I love these days, up and down... It's a lot more fun than the recent slow trend days. Why is it that when I decide not to trade and just watch NQ (can't get out of a 2 week losing streak in the ES and done with it for a while) the market is great and when I want to trade like mad it doesn't do anything ?
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    That run-up into the close and the pick up off the morning lows is EXCATLY what the bulls needed and wanted to see! The more it happens, the more confident they will get and the more they will step up... The more people keep talking PPT the higher she will go! You did not really think they were just gonna plunge straight to hell from here did ya?

  5. because it is watching over our shoulders, waiting for us to make a move.

    I had a few small winners today, but most of my positions got stopped out.

    Everyday now it seems the tick is hitting +1200 and +1300. Doesn't matter how bearish the trin is it seems.....

    Could this be just an attempt to keep the markets propped up while the volume is low and most people on vacation?

    Or is this the PPT goosing the futures?
  6. That's it publias.....pull in as many suckers as possible and leave them holding the bag while things get very ugly....
  7. What's the PPT?
    It's just usual rally mode. Testing the high end of range, running the stops, new highs, trapping the latecomers , sell off, squeezing the shorts and back to the highs hehehe. If we don't have a big down day soon and it keeps creeping up like that then it's a new bull. I don't even know if it's a good thing.
  8. Plunge Protection Team

    (the guv-ment)
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    Pretty wild and whippy day. This morning when the first low broke I went ahead and got short because of the NR7 break system and did well on that to 1012. The next few trades I took where shorts (anticipating a trend day down) on bear flags, when I started taking losses after losses there I figured it would be better to call it a day at 10:30 than to spend 10:30 to 3:00 pissing away what I made in the morning. I'm looking at the charts from the rest of the day and definatly think I did the right thing. One of the hardest skills to learn, IMO, is when to not do anything. That all said I did not think it was too frustrating, simply coz I came in with my plan, it worked for awhile and when it stopped working I called it a day.

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