Frustrated Traders

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ozchoc, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. ozchoc


    I see so many frustrated traders on forums. I don't normally post any comments but I've got to tell you I trade forex for a living, I use a simplemethod and it works.
  2. Simple works, care to tell us more about your method?
  3. Pabst


    Oh please do. I'm sure that's why he's here. To share!:D
  4. Read carefully. It's a simplemethod, not a simple method.
  5. So simple that spaces arenotincluded.
  6. ok ... who will be the simpleton who
    PM's this chap and offers to pay $$$
    for it !


  7. Are you telling us this is Samson77?.. :(
  8. Please PM me the details. This will make nononsense happy again.
  9. Anyway I have to agree with ozchoc !!!!

    You have many traders that are pessimistic and cautious !!!!
    I think there are no secrets on the markets
    hard work hard work and hard work + KISS

    Of course it's not easy but I really think those who did not make it in trading do not think of it as a job
  10. da-net


    Glad you have a system that works for you. There are quite a few frustrated traders here, try to ignore their verbal jabs at you! Perhaps when they find their niche they will improve not only in results but attitude, life, etc. Heck maybe even their postings will change!

    I have never traded Forex, but I do find it interesting. If you choose to elaborate on your system, I will follow your discussion. Perhaps there will be some lessons for my trading.

    I FINALLY found my niche and it sure makes me happier and more understanding of others. I hope you achieve everything you desire!:)
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