Frustrated NYSE Trader!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by listedguru, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Is anyone else out there frustrated with trading nyse stocks? I've been trading for a long time now and have primarily traded NYSE stocks for several years now. In my eyes the nyse is just one complete mess. Openings are a mess with prints going off all over the place, etc. Liquidity seems non existant. The general movement of listed stocks seems choppier than ever.

    I cut my teeth on nasdaq stocks (the good old days) and it's sad to say but I'm heading back in that direction. I know I'm not the only one....

  2. Time to evolve.
  3. dstod


    I primarily trade index futures and nasdaq but the few times i've traded NYSE names, I've been jipped on my fills in almost every instance.

    Happened to me today on an MTH trade.
  4. They never bothered me. But I stopped trading stocks a few months back. My methods work much better in forex.
  5. dsq


    i only trade dow stocks....NYSE does have wild can play it if you want or not...I think basically you gotta buy stock for a swing trade at a good support level and ignore the opening nonsense.Every time ive gone back to nasdaq i got smoked.A total curse.I used to trade lrcx,psft,tlab,bmet with 50cent spreads and 4 upticks got you 2 points in no time.It changed when they tightened the bid/ask and killed the fractions!