Fruity Pebble Revealed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. 1) Fruit Pebble is a self-confessed ASS

    2) Fruity Pebble is incapable of doing his taxes (does he actually make enough to pay any taxes?)
    3) Fruity Pebble is incapable of voting correctly on his OWN poll!
    4) Fruity Pebble keeps on attacking Babak with stupid insults and polls... Babak is one of the best moderators here...

    These are just 4 example of why Fruity Pebble is nothing more than a Flirty Pea Ball...
  2. Brother Fruity needs to get back into his old handle...

    I miss Aphie...
  3. I miss Brother Aphie too... but is Brother Aphie the same guy as Brother Fruity?
  4. LOL, that was WEAK, candletrader (wouldn't expect otherwise)! :(

    1) trader556 called me a "bumpa$$." (?!?!?) I think that insult is sad, too, which is why I said his comeback was pitiful.

    2) Our tax system sucks; just stating the facts.

    3) I voted correctly in my poll. As a joke I said I didn't. I guess that was over your head.

    4) Bend over, Babak, candletrader wants to give you a kiss (maybe more). :D

    F. PeBBLe
  5. Pathetic responses, but I didn't expect any quality comebacks from a fruity piece of ground dust...
  6. Miki


    You are slipping, candle! :(

    You used to be on the ball when it came to the latest re-incarnation of your favourite brother. :p