Fruit from the poisoned tree....

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  1. This pffffffft's for U:

    <img src=*2Q7FjlNFUUgUdlhjSXNjqcQ3S6xmpxx5UgETVflWRdS5anrlxCOsTwCn9iA4V2HjHTIcl/258Troll_spray2.jpg >

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  2. GOP parrots...

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  3. That's funny.

    We all know who the troll is don't we?

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  4. Since repetitively make claims you can't back up, why the flaming sissy fit?

    :D :D :D

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  5. You follow me around like a little lovesick puppy...



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  6. jem


    the bullshit buzzer goes off everytime I hear palin speak. even moreso then when I hear one of he clintons speak.

    don't you fellow conservatives sense the same thing.

    She is as rehearsed as pelosi an almost as dumb.... and that is pretty fricken dumb
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  7. Isn't utterly hillarious to watch you squirm about.

    Having the mental dexterity of an intellectual light weight, you resort to schoolyard tactics in the hope that you can deflect the hypocrisy of your assertions.

    Hilarious. Simply, hilarious.

    You constantly exhibit the very same behavior you vehemently decry in others.

    Hypocrisy can't disguise your fear.

    - Spydertrader
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  8. Too bad chat still isn't working so hog and I can point out your scummy salesman mentality on a daily basis...

    I used to think there was nothing lower than a Bush apologist, then spydermonkey shows up and is a Jack Hershey apologist and pimp...

    Gottam, that is just too freakin funny...

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  9. We need experienced problem solvers oriented toward results - not rhetoric.

    - Spydertrader
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  10. Wow, you do so enjoy providing the rest of the world clear examples of your fear.

    I live 30 minutes south of The Bighog. Anytime you two would like to pay me a visit in person, feel free to let me know.

    However, with you so full of fear, Stevie Wonder can see you'd never attend such a meeting.

    - Spydertrader
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