Fruit from the poisoned tree....

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  1. 90% of kids don't have wacko self righteous absentee mothers preaching to others how to raise their kids and pretending moral superiority when her own kids don't even listen to her...

    Palin's shit only stinks worse because of her own moral failings as a mother...

    By the way, prove your claim of:

    "90% of kids these days experiment with alcohol, and or try drugs in highschool."

    The beat goes on. I talk about Palin... and not having any defense for Palin's behavior, the right wing crazies attack the messenger...

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  2. I challenge you to find me a single user under the age of 25 who didnt try drugs or alcohol in highschool. You are saying she is an unfit mother, based on a National Enquirer story. The only person who may fit this mold of being a person unfit to have kids or a family is you, because you have been totally shut out from society. Even if you never had your first sip of alcohol in highschool you still ended up being a pedophille, and an alcoholic, so what does this say about your mothers parenting skills?
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  3. then you must also agree Al Gore, Joe Biden and John Kerry are terrible parents as well.

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  4. What about ethel and joe kennedy, my god. They raised several generations of criminals.

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  5. Hillary was a very viable candidate for the presidency, right?

    Palin is a punch line for late night TV and now a contributor on Fox News, having up and quit her job as governor.

    You are obviously too stupid to get it, the dems are not afraid of Palinbeast, they want her to be the republican nominee in 2012.

    This brittle little bitch (lipstick on a pit bull and all that crap---hell she can't even handle the press, but she is going to be president?) has very little chance of being president.

    So it is not fear you goof, it is simply ridicule...

    Palin the punch line, and of course watching the local ET goons go ape shit trying to defend her.

    Must be the redneck Neckcar in you defending a turd like Palin...

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  9. Actually, I do think there is a smell of fear associated with Palin, and that it emanates from the thinking Right Wing. However, the substantial remainder of that group is too stupid to see the train wreck she would become if she were put on the fast track.

    Perhaps Democrats should be supportive of her political ambitions. Until the nomination, of course.
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  10. Why does a topic started by a complete bozo, that links to a National Enquirer story actually have 28 replies?
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