Frosty's trading bot goes live part 2

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by frostengine, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. It has been 6 months since I turned my bot off and now here I am again. I learned a lot from my last attempt, and this time I expect the outcome to be much better.

    If I only learned one thing from last time, it would have to be to "never modify the strategy while live". If I make a modification then that is now a new strategy and should be treated as such. This means it needs to go through an extensive forward testing period before being promoted to the live account.

    The strategy the bot will be running is a direct decedent from the one I ran 6 months ago. The strategy still has some big draw down periods, but the curve is much smoother now.

    In case you missed my last journal the primary focus of the journal is to:

    1. Show that a fully automated strategy can be profitable and successful.

    2. Show how I handle and receive feedback on how to handle various events that arise while running live.

    3. Have positive dialog to help expand the field of automated trading and help direct others on how to begin the journey.

    Common Q&A:

    1. What products does your bot trade?

    Ans: The bot is currently trading ER2 contracts. All P&L quoted will be normalized for 1 ER2 contract.

    2. How often does it trade?

    Ans: Averages around 3 round trips per day and is flat at the end of the day.

    3. What type of strategy is it?

    Ans: Trend Following

    If you have any comments, or questions, feel free to post them here. I hope everyone learns something from part 2 of this journal. I know I benefited greatly from the first one and I would like to thank everyone for their help.
  2. The first day live is now in the books.

    Today: +$130.40 per contract
  3. I am looking forward to reading this and hopefully learn a little as well. Good luck!
  4. gl Frosty :)

    and thanks for this thread.

  5. TraDaToR


    The second attempt will be the good one:)
  6. I hope so. Off to a good start today. However, the last journal had a good start as well.
  7. Good trades times 2, frost.

    Osorico :)
  8. welcome back frost. good luck with the new system.

    any chance you can post a screenshot of your new equity curve? im curious what you mean by its 'smoother'.
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    start a new journal every day then:)
  10. Frosty, i'm wondering... how long do you fwd test before you take the system live? is there a specific amount of time?

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