FROREX is a tough market- (?)

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    Two emails I revived about why FROREX is a tough market- sent by Wall Street experts.. Yet CFerret says he trades FOREX for a living, and he sounds credible.



    Hi Mike, As an individual you are at a tremendous informational disadvantage. I can't say its impossible but highly highly unlikely. XXXX


    Hi Mike, It is good to hear from you, I hope things are going well.

    I am not a huge fan of FX simply because for every legitimate brokerage firm there are three or four that are creating a synthetic market to trade against their clients. That is one of the primary reasons that you haven't met a successful FX trader. However, things are getting better in regards to regulation.

    That said, I think that you gave your friend sound advice.

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    I can only say I know Cferret quite well, he is idd a profitable trader. Do some research instead of going on about this as this really leads nowhere: some people are profitable others aren't; like in any market.
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    Rule of thumb: If you can't spell it, you can't trade it.

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    Meesta GTS:

    He sperr it phoneticarry, pelhaps he come flom anothel countly?

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    I dink he plum needs t'be slapped downside da damn haid
  6. I wanna trade the easy market.

    You know, the one that pays out..

    So I stick to, ah what do you call it?

    Forgot the name. Anyone else trade it?

    You know the one that always signals the winning trade.

    I was told about it in an email by a guy who makes loads of money in it. It's different from Fx because it's better - because the candles are different, the trend lines are harder, indicators work and patterns are perfect.

    Fx is different because all those things are different.

    Get it? The problem is not Fx!
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    Read the title for this sub forum. Its for EUREX Trading not FOREX Trading. Why do you not post your questions in the correct sub forum.