FRONTLINE: Money, Power & Wall Street

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OnClose, Apr 25, 2012.

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  2. thanks for posting
  3. Just caught part four of the series last night. Need to watch the first three yet, but so far VERY good stuff!
  4. Seen all four parts. Nothing really surprising or new. But here's my stab at the whole chain of events:

    1) There is no financial panacea or ways to balance the books without serious consequences.

    2) Wall St is too much for Congress and Obama got punked big time.

    3) They held the many economies hostage and have become too integral to be removed.

    4) Suckers exist at every level.

    5) God doesn't like mankind. Why? He give us [first] the bankers and [second] derivatives.

    6) Moral and ethical decline of corporate America.

    7) The transformation of greed from starting capitalism to finally threaten and possibly destroying it.

    8) Bubbles are a tool for wealth transfer from the public to Wall St.

    9) If you have money uncle Sam will take the first bite than come Wall St's turn. You can't escape death and taxes + Wall St.

    10) Wall St., do you have any openings?:D