FRONTLINE: MF Global's Six Billion Dollar Bet

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  2. Scary.
  3. great docu, thanks!
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    I love why Dolph Lundgren ...well...Bart Chilton decided not to ban internal REPOs: "This guy was a former Goldman Sachs CEO and New Jersey governor. He put a lot of doubt in my mind".
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    Not a good portrait of Corzine. Makes him out to be a gambler.

    A 60ish dude having a midlife crisis and trying to prove how great he is by going for the fences with a smaller firm.
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    You can see just how corrupt the USA is becoming. It's starting to become like the rest of the world where the rule of law does not exist, and it's all about power, mostly government power. If you are the government or have connections to the government, in places where the rule of law does not exist, well then, you can do basically anything you want without getting penalized.

    In these types of places, kids get their hands cut off for stealing some bread while the power elite get away with murder. This is very disappointing. To let off such an individual merely because of his connections, despite obvious fraud in the billions.
  7. LOL, when people have the ability to earn enourmous money if the bet right with OPM and if they lose they STILL walk away with a lot of money do you think they are going to bother doing things the right way? Meaning control risk so no huge reward?

    Heck no, they gamble because thats what the system incentivises them to do. If my bet wins, i win, if my bet loses, i win.

  8. Reportedly ol' Corzine was down to his last few million. A massive revenge trade.
  9. Plausible, as he invested the bulk of his remaining wealth in MF when he came on as CEO, $50MM.
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