Frontline Episode: College, Inc

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by pupu, May 4, 2010.

  1. pupu


    Same dynamics as the sub prime bubble:

    Get anyone with a pulse to get a government funded loan for some college education that usually worthless.

    Leaves people unemployed and in deep undischargeble debts while the companies make a killing and taxpayer thorough incompetent government fund the loans.

    Keeping blowing the bubbles....
  2. MattF


    Considering the clientele are virtually endless that can qualify...
  3. I just watched it, very informative.

    These for-profit colleges spend a lot more on marketing than on education. They also spend huge amount on lobbying.

    The combination of high fees and poor-quality fast-food like assembly line type "education" produce good profits.

    Very low or no admission standards. Federal student loans were given to students who are unable to learn their chosen subject.

    Students were cheated. And tax-payers are ripped off when these students cannot pay back their student loans.
  4. Hundreds of resumes for every position floated is what a friend who runs HR for a medium sized ins. firm tells me.; people with bacholers degrees applying for receptionist positions; and that was before the meltdown. I don't know what works best, having hope or selling it.
  5. Thats easy to answer. There's so much money in selling "the dream" it's not even funny. I'm almost ashamed to say thats how I made my money, selling a "better job and more money". Who wouldn't want that?

    Go to a real College.
  6. Exactly, go to a real college. A community college is better than these expensive online fakes.

    It is easy to take class at a community college here. Almost anyone gets in. It is very inexpensive. Aid is available to those who do it full-time.

    You can do it part-time in the evening if you have a job.

    Do the two year community college and transfer the credits to a 4-year university it you want to continue.

    If you cannot get into an inexpensive community college, you probably can't learn much from these expensive programs.

    If you cannot attend a regular school and still want to learn, check this out. Skip the ads by junk online school and check out the
    FREE Online Courses from great universities - many subjects.
  7. Pretty much every business in America has become a grifters scam, from the Scotts contract I entered into for my lawn to
    fast food portions. Really, theres a suckers worth offered in
    just about everything you can think of. Not like decades back when the product meant something. Makes you want to kll.