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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by saico, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. saico


    Hi Guys!

    I'm looking for a frontend trading software for PATS. Can you recommend anything? Much thanks in advance!

  2. What exactly are you looking for? Charting? Order management?

    What broker?
  3. Truff


    Why PATS? Data feed is terrible
  4. saico


    Hi Jerry,

    I'm looking for a fast order frontend. I'm with Global Futures.

  5. just21


    CQG trader is a PATS front end.
  6. Well, Ninja supports PATS, but I've never used it myself for "real" trading (i.e. lots of orders, modifications, cancels etc).

    I would be very interested to hear people's RECENT experiences with PATS, with any of the larger FCMs (e.g. ManFinancial). Because I never really looked again at PATS after 4Q2002 (it was too unstable for my taste back then)
  7. I don't have experience with order management front ends (other than QuoteTracker), though my guess is that you are looking for one that has a bit more complex feature set. I hear good things about NinjaTrader and TradeMaven.

    We will be adding support for PATS and GlobalFutures in QT soon as well (quotes and trading)
  8. mirtex


    I use NinjaTrader on PATS and an very satisfied with it. Lightspeed ordering, strategies automated, trailings,... All just fine.
  9. saico


    Thanks for all your input, guys! I very appreciate that! More comments from other traders are still welcome.

  10. forget pats, get x-trader.
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