Front Running Predatory Programs Need To End!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nofear777, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. My god.. how does the SEC let this go on ?

    Happening ALL THE TIME NOW. You try to lift a bid or offer, and miraculously it is lifted or smacked a milli second after you press the button, putting you on the bid or offer.

    I cant say every HFT program does this but THIS NEEDS TO END.

  2. Darshan


    I agree these flash orders are such a farce...

    Being a short term trader who really looks at the micro level, flash order ahve been killing me.

    I've had mixed bids(different ECN's) showing thousands disappear once I tried to hit them.

    it needs to end.
  3. It has happened to me more times than I can count today.

    I try to lift a offer or bid and at the same time someone else takes it out instead, mainly in thinly traded stocks.

    I think its time for a extended vacation. No need to waste my time on this farce.

    SEC is a worthless useless pile of shit.


    Even when I get filled I see someone selling ahead of me on the same offer (or buying on the bid) and they get filled before me (looking at time stamps).

    How can this kind of shit continue to go on. It boggles the mind.
  4. LEAPup


    I've complained about the HFT's, and like classic ET, there are those who just don't understand, and come back with stuff like, "that's capitalism." NO it is not!:mad:
  5. Stop bitching if you cannot make money in these markets you should hang your hat. Stop trying to blame others for your inability to make money.

  6. Listen you dumb piece of shit ,who missed the whole point of the thread. Do everyone a favor, jump out your window.

    We are talking about front running and orderflow.

    Thats illegal and is blatantly being allowed by the SEC.

    You dont like my thread? Go fuck yourself.

    Go back to your papertrading.
  7. Of course it's fucking illegal and being allowed by the worthless SEC. But it's an illusion that US capital markets are fair. Communist China is more capitalistic than we are.

    USA does not have free and fair markets.

    Thanks Obama!
  8. LEAPup


    Ok, let's keep it civil.

    I make money in the markets. I do not care for those who are doing so illegally though. HFT's are a problem going forward. Sooner or later it will all come out.

    Until then, we can be civil about it, and hope that the porn star, I mean the SEC figures it out on the sooner side...
  9. Seriously man, I don't even trade stocks but can sympathize with these guys. When structural changes happen and place the average trader at a complete disadvantage, it's total BS. It doesn't sound like you know anything about short term trading.


  10. That's the thing though: markets evolve. The "average" trader is no-longer average. All of this complaining is from people's edges/trading styles not working anymore.
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