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  1. Anyone recommend a simple front end overlay for IB that will execute emini futures while simultaneously place stop and Target?

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    TWS' BookTrader -- simultaneously includes a price ladder/price histogram for your trading convenience, along with OCO/SL&TP. :thumbsup:

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  3. It takes 5 minutes to program yourself using API
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  4. Lol, very optimistic. It takes around 10 hours alone to understand the api, another 6-10 hours to implement a proper connection and reconnection solution that handles all the quirks. Then another couple hours to implement couple custom order types. Another multiple hours testing. The above are all incredibly optimistic estimates and are mentioned, assuming one puts real money on the line and one can properly program. Why do you think the tws api forum is full of comments and people with issues?

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  5. maybe because people program complex strategies?
    for the first time to understand how API works maybe an hour

    simple front like OP wanted can be programmed in less time you spent typing this message
    it's literally 3 lines of code
  6. Really? Then how about you walk all of us through how you properly maintain a connection with tws. How you manage internet disconnects, power outages, disconnects on IB's side, daily resets on IB's side. You are a dreamer and probably never actually coded against the IB api

  7. Please give me these three lines of code. I'm curious to read them.
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    Not sure you understand what a frontend is. Never heard of a frontend being written in 3 lines of code.
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  9. this is front end which trades spy, vxx, uvxy
    submits orders, takes profits
    this is somewhat complex as it has some strategy , spent about an hour on that one including testing
    maybe 30-40 lines of code.
    but basically structure is the same
    1 line to send order another line to take profit
    third line to take loss

    you can add some meat into it but basically I've done it once and only change strategy part and just change tickers when I have some new idea

    it's good to learn programming if you trade, always handy to write some simple automations. third party staff will never give you that flexibility
    I programmed hundreds like that testing different ideas
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