From Yahoo Finance 11/24/2004

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  1. Market Update

    Close: With gains of 1.1-2.5%, today shaped up to be a rebound that retraced the entirety of last week's losses... <b>The advance materialized on virtually no economic or earnings news, which was in stark contrast to the action witnessed over the past two weeks in which good economic and earnings announcements failed to produce a market rally</b>... Accordingly, today's advance reflected stocks' underlying bullish bias and the market's tendency to use dips as buying opportunities, just as it has throughout its advance since March...

    Somewhere above, one of the keys to Holy Grail is presented :)

  2. "The advance materialized on virtually no economic or earnings news"

    i guess they didnt notice the us $ had a huge bounce.
  3. But a stronger dollar in the morning and a much weaker CRB Index lead to a higher US stock-market.

    I believe that crude oil dropped about $1.80 per barrel, as well.

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    2004, eh? I'll have to file this away for next year . . .
  5. Trading should get especially light this week since both Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs have their fiscal year end on Friday.

  6. I gave away my crystal ball's secret :)

    Thanks, I edited the year.
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    Yeah, I thought that was the Grail you were referring to . . . :)
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    with the likes of wiggle and dummyphoenix tag teaming the latest thread.

    Later, they tag team each other..stay tuned.