From where I should start?

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  1. Dear all;

    let me start saying I am new in stocks brokering and my knowledge is poor.

    what I want is simply to be introducing broker or "you name it" for stocks only ( we were IBs for FXCM) where I will take percentage or fixed commission from my clients (or the trading firm) every time they make orders, Also, I want it by simply doing sales or marketing on behave of my major broker/bank/trading firm , I will utilize my website and other media for this business....

    what should I do, and from where I should start ?

    Thanks in advance:)
  2. I wonder if I should post my question somewhere else in this forum. Or my question was not clear!!! Anybody can help please!!:(
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    I would start by taking more English lessons... :)
    seriously dude I have no idea what you are asking us here?
    start by reading the posts others made and learn from them hence enhance your writing skills..sorry...
    if you want to be a stock introducing broker that you are out of luck! There is no such thing. There are plenty of foreign introducing brokers for commodity futures that it?
  4. Doubt brokers split commish with dealers.
    What u get is a salary and u prolly need to do some training (provided by the firm) before u start quoting prices.
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    only FX ib can do such things, I doubt for very long.
  6. New York City seems to be the center of things....


  7. :eek: you know something? I tried my best to write clear and simple english... sorry for my ugly english...
    I already had some english lessons, but I think one english wife will solve the problem :)
  8. Hmmm!!!
    I found many trading and brokering types in website where I can share or make my commissions the way I want.

    What do you think?