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  1. "Dendreon has the potential to fundamentally change the way cancer is treated................"

    You 'd better think about that, those of you who hero worship Chanos, Cohen, Goldman Sachs, the rest of those no talent cretins.

    When you 're lying there, puking your guts out because the chemo is ravaging your body, think how many of these biotechs the animals killed for a buck.

    What goes around, comes around.

    DNDN has valid, statistically significant, and blockbuster like data. They are lucky they are still here, because for whatever reason, the hedgefunds fingered them for destruction.

    Perhaps, some of you good folks who have endured the ravages of cancer and survived can chime in .

    The capital markets are there. to raise capital,not to give a bunch of testosterone driven mutants something to do on a slow day.

    Not only does provenge work, but DNDN can possible give cancer patients a chance to skip chemo.

    By the way, Pete Najarian, son of a urologist, just said, ".......and any man who lives long enough will get this disease." Think about it.
  2. Everything stated here was spot on....except the last line....ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!!!!

    Not directed at you personally.........
  3. i am not sure if i wanna live that long.

    i will prob take myself out if i ever get to 60.

    60 is more than enough for me:)
  4. Let's just say, then,that, there is a high probability most men will get it. But you get my point.

    I prefer not to take the chance. I want the chance to choose my poison.
  5. Anytime...
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    the side effects of chemo, which are basically non existant in this drug, are horrible.... i can say that after watching my father widdle away for 5 years. Chemo is worth than the cancer itself.
    Provenge might not stop tumor growth, but a drug that has the limited side effects of provenge has a bright bright future... both in my opinion and in the opinions of a few oncologists i still keep in touch with who treated my father.
    Its nice to be Long in something thats actually a good story once in a while
  7. if people want to buy dndn at a much higher price then they will. how much is this drug expected to generate in revenues? post that
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    So a CEO pumps his drug, what a surprise. Most men that reach old age will have prostate cancer but will die of some other cause. That is not relevant for this drug, as this drug is for advanced cancer. Basically it is for the ones that are not going to make it anyway. On average, they get 4 extra months compared to the placebo. Maybe they should just give everyone the placebo and tell them to spend the money on their family.

    The market is about 100K people, and the analyst at the drug conference said about $1B in revenue if the market is fully penetrated. Place your bets and take your chances.
  9. "Some analysts have forecast eventual peak annual sales of the drug at $2 billion." - 38k -

    Gee that was difficult.
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    Nice slow bleed to where this one belongs. It might be worth buying a few shares in the low teens.
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