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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tito, Feb 28, 2004.

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    I was wondering if there are any traders on ET who was able to make the successful transition from trading stocks to trading the electronic futures (eminis). Do you find trading the eminis to be more profitable compared to stocks?
    Any input helpful. Thanks.
  2. In a nutshell . . .

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    Yes, ES is like an ATM machine for successful traders.
  4. Hi Tito,

    There's prior threads on this subject here at ET. You can use the search menu in the upper right corner to find them...

    Here's a recent topic...

    From all those that I know that successfully made the transitition to all those I know that have not...

    Those that did successfully make the transition were successful at trading stocks...

    Those that didn't make the transition or are still struggling were having a lot of problems while trading stocks prior to switching to the Eminis. answer is YES.

    Last of all, maybe more important...I've seen traders blow out their accounts much faster while trading the Eminis in comparison to Stocks (Equities).

    Simply, it may be more profitable while at the same time its more difficult to trade...

    Possibly because I see more traders complaining about the changing Emini market in comparison to the changing stock market...

    Read all the Journals (new and old) here about the Eminis to get a sense of things that traders are experiencing.

    P.S. Do not underestimate the psychological aspect of trading the Eminis...this is arguably the downfall for most...lack of discipline, emotional trading, lack of confidence et cetera...

    Eminis aren't for the weak minded traders.

  5. The lack of discipline is what got me for a while with Eminis.
    With stocks, there are a whole lot of them out there to scan for "your" set up.

    With eminis, for the most part, there is ES,YM,NQ and you have to wait for "your" set up.

    After I realize that if I just wait for my set up with the eminis and do good size when I trade, this works very well for producing income.
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