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  1. I'm an age 30 South Korean trader who's seeking an opportunity to work in the same industry but in the other countries. I'm new to this online community and finding it helpful in exchanging information with people out there doing the same thing for living. I'm just expecting anyone to share any ideas on where I can find more info about prop trading firms than a couple of names I know (Refco Trading Services, ECHOTrade) If you know of any websites where the names of those firms are listed, or you could just simply give'em to me via email, I would really appreciate it.

    Email :

    P.S. I have 3 yr-market experience, out of which the first 2 yrs as a broker and the following 1 yr as a trader of a prop firm & an asset management firm. (All in Seoul markets)
  2. Check out they seem to be everywhere. In a lot of international markets you can work for them without contributing risk capital. I know that at least this is true in Hong Kong where their office trades the US equities market.
  3. Thanks, trada101. Indeed, they seem to be everywhere...even in Seoul. I will contact them today. :)
  4. No problem Peter. I did look into working for them but decided not to. Their method of trading did not seem like something that would benefit me for the long term. I wanted to be able to learn how to trade high probability setups, something that would work in all markets since I plan to also include Forex and e-minis someday.

    Their method of trading involves high number of shares with making money on rebates for adding liquidity. It is possible to trade high probability setups with them but they only want you to have a .02 stop which is too tight if you want to trade something like VLO or GOOG.

    I think it's a great place if you don't want to risk any of your own money and just want a lot of screen time. But I just wanted to let you know about the differences betwen trading there and trading for yourself using a normal retail platform like Cybertrader.

    I've been trading for 10 months now and finally things are looking better, good luck!
  5. Thanks again, trada101. Good luck to you too.