From scalpers to Warren Buffett, all traders are clueless?

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  1. Buffet also missed on BAC, COF, GS, CAT, ALcoa, Boeing,

    Here is a link to some of buffet's holdings

    As you can see by avoiding tech like he has missed out on a lot of potential returns. How complicated is AAPL or GOOG? KO and WMT don't go up anymore. The growth for most of his holdings has simply peaked or slowed down considerably.

    As you can see he is long on wells fargo. Bank of America would have been much better especially with those huge dividends.

    So many buffet true believers here.
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  2. Shawn B.

    Shawn B.

    The only way you can prove me you've got a point on warren is by becoming richer than him..
    then you can talk and I will listen
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  3. his buy and hold strategy is appropriate for his $3.45 in tangible assets, what a knucklehead.
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  4. Are you referring to a potato chip or a corn chip? It makes a difference.
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  5. ?
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  6. lol I knew someone was gonna point out that typo. 30 minutes passed so I couldn't fix it.

    But the point I was making is that buffet is no better at picking stocks than a blindfolded chimp.
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  7. I don't see why everyone is so compelled to defend buffet. It's not like there is any financial incentive. He doesn't need your support.
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  8. Rumor has it that the people that actually place the blindfolds on the chips actually make more money than the chips do. I cannot confirm this though.:D
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  9. I believe this issue was brought to light in the Mr. Potato Head/Frito Bandito double blind study conducted by Mr. Peanut in the critically-acclaimed Helsinki Salsa experiments of 2003.

    I'm in the process of acquiring the white paper from Lexis Nexus but can't post the results due to non disclosure restrictions.

    Chips Ahoy
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  10. Cock trd3r couldn't get a kick in an arse kicking contest with a 3 legged man
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