From Retail Trader to Hudge Fund

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    So basically you're a retail trader and you have an entrepreneurial bite what are the business available to start as a trader, i couldn't think of something else then a Hudge Fund. Any Idea ?
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    Family or MultiFamily office, bank trading desk, wealthy backer - a lot will depend on geography and product experience. Spain - I would lean toward FOs or MFOs if you can't land at a hedge fund. You'll probably need to start as a trading assistant. Make a friend with someone who has access to Bloomberg. Banks tend to be very pedigree oriented. Worldwide banks often prefer to recruit with a local flavor. Good luck.
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    the localisation is not a problem right now, as i want to relocate.
    Fo and MFOs seem like a nice potentiel TAM. but how does it work, is it like a hudge fund for the middle class where you grow family savings ?
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    Wealthy individuals and families who, often, want a place to manage their own wealth or hedge concentrated stock. Scale may make it easier to manage wealth with your own team. London has a huge concentration. Singapore is quickly becoming significant in the space.
    Look at who owns the sports teams.

    Just a few US-based directly off Google.

    • Bezos Expeditions | $100B.
    • BMGI and Cascade Investments | $60B.
    • Rockefeller Capital Management | $18B.
    • Iconiq Capital | $14.5B.
    • Point 72 | $12B.
    • Huizenga Capital Management | $5B.
    • Brooklyn NY Holdings | $4B.
    • Atapco Properties | $3B.
    It is going to be a huge reach for retail, but they hire lots of assistants and interns. Many run 24/7 so support staffing can be a concern.
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    Asking that sez: don't quit your day job.
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    and something like 3AC the crypto hedge fund, does it operate the same ?
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    The amount of knowledge and research on display here is remarkable.
    Yup. Even asking these questions means they aren't ready to remotely contemplate such a move.
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