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  1. I think the McMillan book is an excellant primer. Risk already had me purchase and read most of the books he has suggested on this thread and I will say wholeheartedly that the 3% of information I actually understood of the total availible knowledge found within Taleb, Natenburg, and Marlow books would have been more like 1% if I had not first taken the time to read McMillan's "Options as a Strategic Investment"...

    Also pay no mind to Mr. Super Genius Arb when it comes to that Cottle book -- the shit reads like an advanced physics book to a novice (even looks like one with all those stupid charts) :)
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  2. Forget all the books; sell some short delta straddles(-30deltas), pray for neutrality and watch your curve compress nicely(if it does). If it doesn't, but some spot.

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  3. RAY


    My first was Hull. IMO, it is a good place to start.

    Good Luck
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  4. Cottle's book suffers from what I can only term as "intellectual masturbation." A very worthwhile read, but his brilliant mind actually interferes with the presentation IMO. He presents these intellectual tools like "syntool" which he uses to re-imagine positions as their equivalent synthetics. His perspective is that of a market maker with an IQ of 300 who drank way too much coffee and you are the dullard trying to trade against him.

    "What is the difference between a straddle and a strangle?"
    "A butterfly...."

    There is great great stuff in there, don't misunderstand, but it is poorly organized and the presentation is too pedantic and clever for my tastes.

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  5. You had trouble with Cottle only because your mind's been turned to mush by all those girlie books you read. . . . Homo.
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  6. Yes, what's up with the cute trademark-terms, "SynTool"? hahaha

    Netting the boxes from a complex single-asset option portfolio was nice to see in print. It's nothing new, however.
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  7. Wee, I feel exactly the same way about Cottle (despite my playful response to Joey above). He has some good insights. But, by and large, I found the book rather muddled and largely useless.
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  8. An oxymoron :eek:

    (but yes, he is a homo)
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  9. Yes (to both)! LOL
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  10. Ahhh yes! And I was just telling you that I miss the "homo" remarks a few hundred times a day. Your still the man Arb! :)

    HD, Kill Ur Self...
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