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  1. Redneck


    Merry Christmas

    Happy Hanukkah

    Feliz Navidad

    Happy Quanza

    And most important…

    Happy Birthday

    Now if I ain’t covered you – then my bad… but simply I refuse to wish anyone happy holidays

    May 012 be infinitely more prosperous to you - than 011

  2. hkrahra


    Wow,thanks a lot!

  3. ¸.•*´¯`*•❤Merry New York Christmas❤¸.•*´¯`*•
  4. A Christmas story.

    Wayyyy back when I was a young boy at Christmas I remember an Aunt. I only saw during Christmas.She was never around the rest of the year because I was told she worked the "night shift". (wink wink).:D

    I suppose she was a "floozi" back in the day, she drank "highballs" and colored her hair, very fancy.What made her visits special was she could yodel. I never heard anything like this in my life.She used to yodel Christmas carols and drink high balls.I thought of her this morning when I heard this song by Jewel and she yodels in it. Yikes.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Redneck


    Edited – because my spelling sucks – absolutely no disrespect was intended



    Beautiful video

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families with a Happy Prosperous New year and hopefully a new Congress for us all will be on everyones list for Santa:D
  7. [​IMG]

    I am so sorry that this says "Happy Holidays" - but the thoughts are the same. I respect everyone's faith and holidays. We celebrate Christmas with a whole gaggle of Bright's every year. Tomorrow morning starts with breakfast, and runs throughout the day.

    I wish everyone a great 2012, pray for a little more "peace between Americans" (yes, I mean the chasm between "left and "right").... and for no Apocolypse in 2012, metophorically or otherwise, LOL.

    Enjoy your time with your families, and remember, they won't all be around forever.....

    Don :)
  8. Maverick74


    Merry Christmas Don. And to all of ET. Even the left leaning ones that will burn my tree down in protest! :)

  9. I saw that the other day.

    How about this one, watch at the 30 secind mark -typical ozzie.

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