from Microsoft Vista back to XP?

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  1. I was wondering if anybody has gone from Microsoft Vista back to XP and did they see an improvement?

    I have been suffering from a lagging computer during active market hours ever since i got this new computer. XP seems to be a resource hog. I do have 2 gigs of ram but this doesn't seem to be enough. My system consist of 4 monitors (one 30" and three 17"). On my old computer I used to run 5 monitors and ran with out any lag what's so ever. I only had 1 gig of ram, but was under Windows XP. I am seriously considering down grading back to XP.

    I really appreciate any help.
  2. Best way to find out is to install XP on a different hard drive and compare.
  3. Did you mean to say Vista was a resource hog?
  4. I can't compare because we had back-grade licenses and did the back-grade to XP the moment we powered up the machines the first time.
    I see no advantages in using Vista and no one has shown me any. It's 10 times bigger , 4 times slower and 10 times blinkier. Also it has all kinds of DRM enforcement built-in to satisfy the dinosaurs at the media-industry. That will limit me and my system, so wth should I pay time and money to get that working?
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    Could you partition your HD with vista on half and XP on the other?Can any expert comment on the pros and cons of this?:confused:
  6. Buddy of mine works for Best Buy- Geek Squad, actually knows what he's doing, and does this all the time. He calls it Virtual Machine.
    Hopefully he can get around to doing this to my new laptop before the next millenium.:confused:
  7. I guess the problem is not with Vista, it's with your software. I find it frustrated myself as well that Vista has been out for over a year and software still not catch up. I used the 64bit Vista and it is run faster than XP on my machine. But again, some of the software just don't run well with Vista so I am back with XP.

    My machine is Q6600 with 4 gigs of RAM. Have VM Ware instead to run virtual machines.

  8. I ment Vista is a hog.

  9. Did you delete Vista or are you running both.

    I was wondering if i could keep vista in say the D drive and use XP during the trading day.

    Thanks again.

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    what do you mean by back to XP? clean install? i've tried vista home premium for first time on one machine - i have no words, how bad this OS designed and how many useless processes runs on background,slowing your machine.
    500mb of RAM without single program running? no thank you. my old XP SP2 runs fast on any computer, using about 100mb of RAM after boot.
    vista looks like it's runs computer for itself. it's always doing something, using 3-10% of CPU on decent dual core machine + using 500-750 mb RAM
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