From Index futures to Futures Currency Trading while watch the Spot market

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    I sent you a PM. Regarding the Refco commentary, I was not talking about those available on the website posted every morning. I was referring to the plugin that accesses Thomson IFR.

    Actually a lot of brokers offer streaming news and commentary with their platforms FOC - such as Dow Jones newswire, MNI etc. Just search around and demo with them to see what you prefer. But it doesn't mean you have to trade with them...
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  2. if you open an account with IB you can watch both FX spot and FX futures at the same time
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  3. What ever you do don't daytrade the spread will kill ya.

    Know when to fold the losers and let your winners run.

    What else can I say but good luck...ahhh forget the luck part, how bout good trading.
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