From Harvard success story to accused insider trader

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    Thanks Harvard.

    He was known for working incredibly hard, beating the odds against him. "All my life, I've had so many chances to fail," Barai said in a 2008 article published in Absolute Return. "But I have always figured out a way to come back. When people say no, I don't fight back. I find another way to do it."

    In 2006, his Indian wedding was an elaborate five-day affair that included an evening boat cruise around Manhattan. Barai wore a Zegna tuxedo with a green tie. The event was written about by New York Magazine. And when he launched his own hedge fund firm, he held a Hindi prayer service to bless the new company.
  2. So I guess the moral of the story is, going to an ivy league school doesn't necessarily make you a good decision maker?? :confused:
  3. Don't you know yet that many of these success stories in the press are always embellished and juiced up , the reality is not so quite perfect. The good boy who made it on his own, against all odds lol ! Yeah Keep the american dream alive.

    btw I am still waiting for the SEC to stop this nonsense and go after the employers of these gentlemen as well. It's way too easy to talk about individual misconduct when everything gets the nod internally as long as it's beneficial to them. These guys -like others at major IB's that got caught - acted all alone, without being incentivized by management one way or the other ? B.S !

    Lies lies and lies as usual
  4. Reguardless of how it happened, it did. Moral choices made have consiquences. Read Dante's Inferno, which most of probably have. The primrose path is a managment tool in some organzitions. The onus is on the individual always. That is the system.

  5. He must have been a "legacy" admission instead of a merit admission. :eek: :(
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    It was his own firm
  7. Lets not forget Harvard gave us OBAMA as well.

    But it's not the University's fault that some of their grads have very little morals and have disregard for Laws.
  8. I am talking about the ex-SAC guys. Isn't he one of them ?
    They started their thing while working for the market wizard.
  9. O may well prove to be another cunning criminal put into office by big banks, big businesses and big unions.
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