From failure to success in trading (my story)

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    i showed off my 4 handicap too.

    if you do well you do get bragging rights
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    only hard work does not pay out. i know it from experience.

    you have to work correctly and then it will eventually pay out after much

    good guidance is priceless

    but like all priceless things, it is very very rare and, when you do get it, impossible to recognise, among all the rubbish [advice] you are usually buried under.

    you have to concentrate on the process.
    take ALL the buy and sell signals and if you are lucky you will make a small loss after costs like brokerage.

    this is where frustration builds for a trader.

    then you will find out, which good and perfect buy/sell signals fail , and which bad signals succeed.
    after that you will learn which good signals to ignore and then which bad signals to take.

    you are then a good trader.

    later you will learn which good and perfect signals to fade

    you will then understand that reading or identifying the market conditions is critical in knowing which buy / sell signals ,good or bad, to take and which to ignore. market conditions meaning: is it trending or ranging or in between.

    and you are NOW a master

    this is a process and it takes a huge loss of time and money. you can avoid the money loss by trading sim or demo..

    the loss in time and effort no one known has avoided
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    actually i did not have to read all of it

    every single trader has the same story.
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    i have a good friend in hyderabad who has made a algo and it is given 10 times return in one year........ totally can check it for yourself and subscribe to it on mql4 Trading Signals and Social Trading in MetaTrader 5 – Forex Signals (

    pm me and i will give the link
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    everything recorded including how many time he went to bath room.

    have you never seen a mql4 signal or copying service?

    just log in to the site and go to 'signals' tab
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    do you think anybody can give you return of 10 times in one year with a drawdown of .05 % ?

    then you must also believe in Santa Claus.

    And it will be a very Merry Christmas
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    It's not my intention to OT this thread, but you don't have a 4 handicap, or you'd be in the top 7% of all golfers in the world. Some club pro's don't sport a 4 handicap.
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